Dogs DO Deserve Better

We have had enough.

We are the former and current Dogs Deserve Better area reps, employees and volunteers. This blog is to finally tell OUR story.

We have witnessed the founder of Dogs Deserve Better discredit individuals who attempted to expose her illegal, unethical, selfish and controlling practices.

We have witnessed the founder attempt to ruin a former foster’s career, attempt to destroy a former employee’s family, attempt to ruin a volunteer’s reputation in the rescue community, threaten to expose personal or medical issues of former reps and employees.

The founder of DDB continues to attempt to destroy our reputations. WHY you ask? Because WE know the truth, SHE knows it, and this is her way of covering her ass by controlling and manipulating us into submission. Many of us are afraid to speak out individually, but together we have a voice.

We continue to see her masquerade as a national organization to garner media attention and donor dollars.

We continue to see the founder scam the compassionate animal loving community.


We, the former DDB reps, employees and volunteers walked away from the founder of DDB, NOT the chained dogs. We have taken our love of rescue elsewhere. Now we can actually RESCUE and make a difference in the life of a chained dog.

Some of the current DDB reps, employees and volunteers still believe in the mission, but NOT the founder. Unfortunately some of the remaining reps have traveled down the wrong path… Corruption doesn’t fall far from the founder.


  1. Laurie Methven says:

    Not sure if my previous comment made it. Glad to hear from you folks. How is the best way to keep in touch with you folks? DDB is still making waves and news – up here in NH this past week.

  2. Suzanne Fiala MD says:

    I applaud you and think this may be a very powerful tool to complete the demise of DDB as it currently exists. But I believe it would be so much more powerful with a petition or some kind of roster with a list of names and numbers of however many of you are actually involved in this website.
    Then I guarantee you the press would be interested and this effort would receive the national attention it deserves. The people at BJH and I can help with those contacts.
    I don’t understand the fear factor. She is just one angry woman-not very smart-just manipulative and mean. There is strength and power in numbers. And her pattern of deflecting attention and attacking the accuser is well documented with myself, Shannon, and several others. She cannot hurt or discredit any of you, her credibility is gone. And there is power in being on the side of the truth and what is rit. : )
    Good luck and let me know if/how I might assist you. / Suzanne Fiala MD

    • Kris Lindsay says:

      Thayne and Budin harass sanctuary CEO’s family, supports, and volunteers.

      Hello to All Olympic Sanctuary Friends!! Here is a message from Steve Markwell:

      The sole motivation at Olympic Animal Sanctuary (OAS) has always been to give otherwise hopeless dogs a chance at a decent life.

      I started OAS to provide a home for dogs whose behavioral problems required specialized long-term care. These dogs were so dangerous, difficult to handle, or came with such troubling histories that the only other organizations that would accept them did so for the specific purpose of executing them.

      Since the only other option was a death sentence, OAS accepted more abused and troubled dogs than I ever planned to. This meant conditions were not perfect, but, nonetheless, the dogs were always fed well, sheltered adequately, and provided veterinary care and expert rehabilitation. Three weeks ago, a vet visited the sanctuary, examined every dog, and verified that they all were having their health and medical needs appropriately met.

      Beginning a year ago, a disgruntled ex-volunteer whom I fired partnered with extreme “animal rights” groups that oppose all no kill sanctuaries to put OAS out of operation, get our dogs killed, and blame me for it. With the help of the animal rights extremists, she was able to create a social media firestorm that has lasted for a year using false accusations of abuse, neglect, and cover-ups.

      Despite allowing the press (such as Peninsula Daily News and Inside Bainbridge), fellow rescuers, and veterinarians inside OAS’ facility to disprove the allegations, the anti-OAS campaigns have ignored the evidence that the claims against us are false. This is largely because the main goals of our opponents – discrediting me personally and killing OAS’ dogs – have nothing to do with the conditions the dogs live in.

      The campaign against OAS has become so extreme that anyone who has ever been affiliated with me has been on the receiving end of countless harassing phone calls, e-mails, death threats, and organized campaigns to get them fired from their jobs. A “protester” recently violated a restraining order and was arrested on my property, and now there is a campaign to harass my mother, a woman in her sixties, at her home in California, and to get her fired from her job. My mother resigned from OAS’ board of directors in September.

      Given the intensity and hysteria of these groups, I sincerely believe that one of their members will snap at any moment and physically hurt someone close to me, or OAS’ dogs. I also worry that the damage done to OAS’ reputation will prevent it from ever having the fundraising base needed to give these dogs the type of life that I want them to have. Previous attempts to reach out to other no-kill organizations equipped to care for my dogs have been unsuccessful.

      For these reasons, I am offering to transfer OAS’ dogs to the one organization with the resources to take appropriate care of them: Best Friends Animal Society. Best Friends is a world-renowned no-kill sanctuary that referred a number of OAS’ dogs to me in the first place. They have the staff, expertise, land, financial resources, and philosophy to give OAS’ dogs the best chance they can ever have for a good life.

      If Best Friends and their no-kill partners will agree to take OAS’ dogs, care for them for their entire natural lives, and not transfer them to any other person or organization unequipped to provide the specialized care they require, my attorney will negotiate the details with them. Once the specifics are arranged, I will transfer the dogs and dissolve Olympic Animal Sanctuary.

      I think this gives OAS’ dogs the best chance they will ever have of happy and healthy lives. I strongly encourage Best Friends to accept this offer, and I encourage everyone – OAS supporters, opponents, and everyone in between – to contact Best Friends and ask them to take these dogs. They can be reached at:

      Phone: (435) 644-2001





      I want to make clear that this transfer will be jeopardized if the anti-OAS groups continue to encourage harassment and threats against innocent parties such as my mother, friends, and ex-board members. I am making this offer to increase the safety of OAS’ dogs and those close to me, and I will not continue to engage if I feel like it is only inflaming the dangerously disturbed personalities that are threatening citizens simply for trying to help the dogs.

      In closing, I want to restate that the sole motivation at OAS has always been to give otherwise hopeless dogs a chance at a decent life. I hope Best Friends accepts my offer and does just that.

      Steve Markwell
      Founder and Executive Director of Olympic Animal Sanctuary

      • tonya b says:

        I think we all know now that he was not taking care of the dogs via Guardians of Rescue reports,pictures etc. I have no empathy for this Markwell character at all.

      • Jan Goldsworthy says:

        This man and his so-called friends are so delusional it’s scary. The conditions of the dogs he “Dropped” in Golden Valley were deplorable. Underfed, sick, abused, toe nails growing into their pads, living in kennel crates for years in a warehouse with no heat or a/c, and the list goes on. Not fed for weeks at a time. Water green with slime. Kennel crates stacked so if the dog in the top crate urinated or defecated, it ran down on the dog below. And the list goes on. All I can say is “thank you” to all the rescue organizations who mobilized in an incredibly short period of time to save the 124 VICTIMS of the Olympic Animal Sanctuary. There were no “innocent parties” on the list of those involved with OAS. The only innocents were those poor animals who were victims of OAS.

    • Hi Dr Fiala you dont know me but i sure know you (Joel)
      i have thought of you many times and wondered how you are.
      i want to say THANK YOU!
      for opening my eyes to the sort of persons thayne and budin really are
      i have some info that may help about your sweet boy Joel
      seek me out on fb my name is Barbara evans iam in Jamestown ny
      you 2 have never left my heart.
      i will keep watch on my other folder for your email

  3. Shannon Allen says:

    If the author of this blog can contact me at, I will be happy to share my story with PROOF to back it up. I can also put you in contact with other reps willing to tell their stories. You don’t have to tell me who you are.

  4. Thank you for posting Dr. Fiala. We know how manipulative Ms. Founder can be, so we will remain anonymous at this time. We know she is looking for any reason to discredit us. We want to use this blog to inform, enlighten and expose.

  5. Shannon, we will be posting an email address for other reps, employees and fosters to contact us. We want all of the proof, documentation we can get! Bare with us as we get organized.

  6. Shannon Allen says:

    Thank you, I am getting together what I have. I am slow moving as I am working on a case that was posted to DDB’s Facebook wall last month, that as usual, they ignored.

  7. Why don’t you say her name?

  8. Mare Horton says:

    Why don’t the posters use their real names? Who is “dogs deserve better”? Who is “dog warrior”? Both names, by the way, ripped off from DDB and Tami….Unbelievable.
    Fear factor comes in when you are lying.

    • Why not post our real names? Why should we? So you and the handful of haters can harass us? So Tami can dig up reasons to pass blame and come up with excuses? So Tami can send her son to our houses?

  9. Barb says:

    The real names will come out in court. I am sure they will want those who filed the reports there to testify if it comes to that. I hope when it comes back that the reports are false that the ones who did the reporting get charged with false reporting. there are people on facebook as well as her neighbor hood who do not like DDB or Tami. In the end the truth about this whole fiasco will come out

  10. Barb says:

    When it comes out that the reports are wrong then what? Will this madness all end or will people pick another rescue or person to do the same thing to?

  11. Kim Campbell says:

    Barb please get your head out of the hole you have placed it! Why on earth would we all lie please tell me what we have to gain from all this? There wouldn’t have been a search of the house if they didn’t have a reason. Do you actually believe that this is all disgruntle employees & reps? Did we have anything to do with her not being legal no that is Tami’s responsibility just like the dogs are and she failed! Look at her picture that is posted in front of the house do you see compassion in that face I surely don’t! Do you know her personally? I bet you don’t! So yes the truth will come out real soon so hold on to your seat! Since you are in such denial I wouldn’t want you to fall out of it!

  12. dogwarrior says:

    @ are worried about false reporting?? yes TT should be..

  13. zoeyigboy says:

    Hello there
    I have been following all of this latest news and I am disgusted with the whole mess but DO NOT WANT TO STOP HELPING THE DOGS IN NEED.
    In your statement above, you speak of previous reps taking their work and their love for dogs to another rescue operation elswhere to RESCUE and to make a difference in the life of chained dogs.
    Could you please tell me which one or how I can find the information you speak of, so I can assist the only way I can, by donations. Honestly, I have spent the better part of my day reading through post after post of people bashing DDB and its founder, with what seems to be many people having the knowledge needed to operate a dog rescue successfully, but yet nowhere am I directed to that rescue.
    If anyone of you could please point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it, because remember, its about the dogs right???

    • lynnable says:

      I don’t think they will tell you, nor do I think they should. Are you trying to find out who they are? If you want to donate find a shelter, do your homework and donate. There are plenty of worthy causes out there you can help untill this is all figured out. Here is one you can check out untill this is figured out.

      • zoeyigboy says:

        Okay, that was all I needed to hear from someone and now see the deeper meaning and cause behind this barrage against DDB and its founder.
        What would I be waiting for to be “figured out”?
        No Lynnable, I myself dont give a flyin rats butt about who is behind this, as im not one to soak into the drama as it seems many people are. I was willing to be open to a group who is stating that they still believe in “the mission”, apparently know EXACTLY how a successful dog rescue operation works, and wanted to look into them and support them in the only way I can, through donations, but its now clear what “the mission” is of this group of individuals and will keep my donations local.
        The time spent posting on any internet board possible, AND CONTINUAL POSTING on those boards clearly shows what this group is about, and supports my opinion as such.
        To pass along a website link to an established rescue wasnt what I was looking for, as I know how to use google, but Ive read over and over about dogs still being rescued by this group of people and wanted to confirm those statements in thinking I would soon start to see dog in neglect pictures and stories behind them as most dog rescues do nowadays, but I havent.
        Why is it that you people spend the time and energy attacking a dog rescue group instead of just starting one yourselves?
        Wouldnt that be a way to “defeat” DDB?
        Who cares what DDB has done, is doing, and will do, take the higher road and show us how its done to give us something to trust, support and to stand behind!
        Start a rescue using the winning formula’s that you all believe in, and then growing and getting bigger and better than DDB has ever been?
        Wouldnt that be “defeating them” ?
        Let us people make a choice of who to support!
        Do you think Lowes would be who they are if they just spent time bashing Home Depot, instead of actually OPENING stores with Lowes on the front and using their winning formula of doing things to become who they are?
        I bet they feel great about competing with HD customers knowing they are doing it their way and with integrity.
        Life is a good thing, LETS MAKE IT BETTER!
        Peace to all.

  14. Pat says:

    Zoeyigboy…. God bless you! I have been witch hunted as well, When my only problem was I am an old lady and was slow at vetting! PERIOD.. Not that I didn’t do it but .. I DIDN’T DO IT IN THE TIME, OTHERS THOUGHT I SHOULD! I am sure many rescues do things differently, I say BLESS THEM ALL, for TRYING to do something to help these babies, instead of turning a blind eye and ignoring the animals pleas!!!

  15. Nicki Nelson says:

    I’m wondering why this site seems to have gone inactive.

  16. the info i have i will be disclosed to Dr Fiala ONLY

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